About Us

Baxter Collection is the latest offering from Senior Aerospace BWT, a company with a nearly 200-year-old manufacturing expertise.

Our company is world-leading for highly regulated, transparent and standardized applications in the design and manufacture of air distribution ducting systems in the aerospace industry.

Our knitted face masks were created out of our own need to wear a more breathable design whilst working in our facilities in Cheshire, UK. Our engineers have an eye for detail and after carefully refining several attempts, we are proud to launch a range of masks that is flexible, breathable, reversible and, most importantly, reusable.

All our products go through washing cycles following manufacture and our packaging process is carried out within a confined, secure area.

Our history

Our company was initially established in 1836 by James William Baxter who set up a cotton trading business from his home in Cannon street in central Manchester. Later joined by Robert Woodhouse and John Taylor, BWT reached a new level of fame during the Second World War, after our factory was bombed during an air raid on Christmas day 1940.

In answer to the raid, BWT explored the development of protective materials and came up with a flying suit that included the Windak electro thermal heating system, which was subsequently used for fighter-jet pilots of the Royal Air Force.

Since then, our company evolved and innovated even further and nowadays it’s renowned for its premier position in the world of designing and manufacturing aerospace air distribution systems. You may not see them, but they’re there to keep the cabin air as clean as a whistle. So, there you have it, our secret sauce is our capacity to build things that make breathing easier and healthier!

Our sustainability values

The company: Environmental management has been a strong focus in our business for a number of years and in 2018, we achieved a reduction of 8% in our carbon intensity, as well as a reduction of 7% in the total carbon emitted. We are determined to continue streamlining our processes in order to certify our targets as set by WRI’s Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), a global standard for companies who take steps towards the low-carbon economy. 

The masks: Studies around interventions for the prevention of COVID-19 among other diseases, found that wearing face masks is associated with a lower risk of viral transmission. As discarded single-use masks are littering the seabed and compromising the health and safety of wildlife, we wholeheartedly favor a reusable mask to help protect the environmental impact of COVID-19. Wearing a reusable mask will help minimise thousands of tonnes of contaminated waste and plastic packaging, while still providing protection during a pandemic.

The packaging: For the development of our knitted face masks we have put to use the unique application of 3D knitting technology, a method that is substantially more effective in minimizing waste production than traditional methods. We have also cut down on any superfluous packaging consumables and use eco-friendly cardboard packaging and mailers which can be safely recycled.   

Baxter Collection, Senior Aerospace BWT, Adlington Business Park, Adlington, Macclesfield, SK10 4NL, contactus@baxtercollection.com.